Center Policies

Policies to Remember

Center Safety and Security

Safety and security is a priority we maintain for the children and families at every Traditions center. Our staff gets to know every parent that comes into our centers. To monitor traffic, we give you your own code to enter the building during center hours. In addition, your child’s attendance is monitored using an electronic system called Procare.


We also offer safe transportation assistance using our center vehicles to most surrounding schools for kindergarten and grade school children. Children are required to wear seat belts and bus drivers are required to maintain the necessary licenses for transportation to ensure safe transport of every child.


Healthy eating is important for any growing child. Each lunch at our child care centers contains a main dish, fruit, vegetable, and milk. Snacks are also provided and vary daily. Each center has a four week, rotating menu to provide greater variety for the kids. We will also accommodate for allergies and take all necessary precautions to prevent reactions. Please notify us of any food allergies your child has.

Pick-Up Permission

If you need a family member or friend to pick up your child at the end of the day, we ask you to provide the following:

  • Written permission from the parent for the release of the child(ren) to the specified individual
  • Verbal notification to the Director or child’s teacher at the center about any pick-up changes
  • Photo ID presented to the staff by the individual before the child can be released

Parent Conference and Open House

We like to include you in your child’s education and progress with our child care program at Traditions, so we hold parent conferences and open houses throughout the year. This allows you to check in with your child’s teacher and see how they are developing in the classroom.


In case of a snow or ice storm, our centers may close early. We will decide to close early by noon and call all parents. We will also close our centers in emergency cases. You can tune into local news media to learn more about center closures.

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